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Pattern Testing

Welcome! Are you interested in testing Designs by Phanessa’s Knit and Crochet patterns before they are released? If you’re thinking YES! You’re in the right place! So, what is Pattern Testing? This is where you come in! Testers will receive the draft pattern to knit or crochet. Testers will check for errors and ensure that the pattern will be ready for release! Your contribution, hard work, and feedback are so important to me and all designers out there! Thank you for being here!

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Testing calls are announced on social media platforms. If you just came from there, you’re in the right place! Apply now to qualify to test!


Once you have completed the pattern, answer a few quick questions and add any feedback you have! 


Come Join the Pattern Testing Group where everyone can ask questions and share your projects! You must apply to be accepted. 

Need to upload photos? See "File Share" in the menu under Members or click the button below!